IM a good father, who works hard and always provided. Now my children have been ripped out of my life, and have absolutely no contact, don't know where they are, nothing. BUt I am expected to pay not a few hundred dollars, but lots of hundreds of dollars for kids I am NOT allowed to see. She is on welfare and has NOT claimed the money I have sent. She does drugs, and drinks often. Kids are in Daycare all day, she has a degree in dental, but doesn't work, collects welfare. Also on days she needs to "get" stuff done she leaves my babies in the custody of her mother, who has a record that consists of theft, assault with a deadly weapon ( more than once) and massive alcohol and drug abuse. ANd has another man living with her who is on welfare as well, is a heavy drug user, and is a drug dealer and they have a child together. I have contacted CART (a division of the Family Act) in New Brunswick, and they aren't doing anything about it. They warn her when they are coming, so she can clean up and make everything good. This guy has no license and drives the kids around in the van I paid for, WITH NO LICENSE. I have also contacted police and still nothing has been done. My question is where and who can I contact to get my kids out of a unfit environment. Im not rich by any means, so who out there gives a about good fathers?