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    Custody of granddaughter

    Asked Dec 27, 2010, 11:14 PM 2 Answers
    This maybe an unusual email but for me and my 3 year old granddaughter it is an desire need of help.Im going to make this brief.My name is DK and I am a residence of Foley,Alabama and my granddaughter name is VM and she is a residence of Pensacola Florida.June 11th,2009 my only daughter and her mother was murdered in Pensacola,Fl.Stabbed over 42 times.I went the night of June 11th to get my granddaughter after being contacted by Foley P.D. at 9.55pm that my daughter was murdered,not knowing I would get more shocking news I couldn't get my granddaughter because she was placed with a neighbor that were a stranger to my granddaughter and also was not back ground check but the child protective service worker Ms K told me she spoke with this neighbor briefly and she felt she was good enough to leave my granddaughter with,because she didn't have the time to do a foster home placement.Not even giving me the opportunity to get a hotel and stay with my granddaughter who were screaming when she seen me.Ms K told me over the phone be in a hearing at 11am the next morning if I wanted to get my granddaughter.That didn't happen,because I am a residence of Alabama.My ex husband and wife were there,he asked me did I want him to get the baby until everything checked out on me.I asked him was he sure?he stated yes,not knowing he was going against me to get her.I went on Monday to the legal service of Alabama to help me and they referred me to legal service of Florida.I got a call from them that all papers were signed by the judge and I would be getting my granddaughter and they would help me with the adoption.

    Something changed drastically.I was torn apart as of May 19,2009 the judge awarded my granddaughter stay with my ex husband(who's very ill and also a former residence of Alabama) and his wife.I cried all the way back to Alabama,thinking what can be done.I came home and started googling family lawyers and found Ms D.L. through her I found out I was adknowledged by the children and family service as a non party.Another big shut down.After hiring Ms L,Mr and Ms J sent me a letter taking away part of my visitation with my granddaughter to every other weekend in which is the only open case Ms L could get Judge S to reconsider hearing.My ex husband Mr J took me to court back in 2006 to have a paternity test with my daughter to prove she was not his daughter to keep from paying back child support of $58,000 and was never a part of my granddaughter life until my daughter was murdered and he became aware he could receive $20,000 for my granddaughter.Ive been dealing with Mr J being ill and having to keep my granddaughter on long visits why he is hospitalized.My granddaughter isn't happy with them,when I take her back she screams she don't won't to stay and please don't take her back.It breaks my heart to hear her tell me that.The Judge didn't ask what was the best interest of my granddaughter.They were more concern of the state to state when it should be about the child.Noone never asked me if I could relocate to raise my grandaughter.I was treated like a nobody through the entire court hearings.If you would please just give me the opportunity to hear my entire story,(noone did during the court hearings),give me the opportunity as her maternal grandmother to raise her,its been really rough since June 11th 2009. Thank you'd K

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    2 Answers
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    Dec 27, 2010, 11:29 PM


    I'm sorry for your loss as well as this battle that you have been fighting. I do not have any legal advice for you, however, as a moderator of the site, I found it prudent to remove the identifying names in this case.

    Now, again, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. This is a Question and Answer site. What you have typed here is more like a blog. Do you have a question for us?
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    Dec 28, 2010, 05:00 AM

    Without knowing exactly what the court rulings have been its hard to advise. I also agree with J_9 that you really haven't asked a question. I think your best bet here is to work with your attorney. You need to show that the grandfather (your ex), has not been an active part of your granddaughter's life until now. Show that you were ready and willing to take custody of your granddaughter, but somehow the Florida authorities screwed it up.

    B y the way, where is your granddaughter's father or his family in this?

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