I live in miami, Florida. Im a father of a 6 yold. I have shared parental responsebility court order and detailed timesharring court order.. the mother of my son lives in orlando Florida. I live in miami and the famili and criminal case is in miami.she has felony chiild abuse charges, felony battery, baterry charges all do to an incident were she removed the child from miami childres hospital.. the court also has a phsicologial eval that shows her to be a violent person and likely to abuse alcohol.. I have filled for full custody and to have me be the primary residential parent!. the court has give me a court date! Aprox a month from now!. I was given a paper stating that 15 days prior to the court date I have to submit something like a rough draft of what I'm going to say to the court.. do I have to show information in certain way and what is the likely that I would get full custody? And is their a certain format or layout to show information? Keeping in mind the criminal charges?
Thank you for any information provided.