My girlfriend and I have been together going on two years. She has a son from an ex-boyfriend, they don't get along great. I am like a father to the son, and am always respectful of his father. They have a parenting agreement, and it doesn't address her living with a boyfriend. He is married now and has two other children, one four months older than my girlfriends son.

I bought a house for us to live in, but she has yet to move in for fear that he will try and get custodial guardianship of the son because she is living with someone out of wedlock. She is an amazing parent, and I am a very stable person whom the child loves. The father has had some domestic violence issues in the recent past in front of the children. I am of the opinion that all things being considered, the courts would never take a child from a great mother who consistently keeps her child in a healthy environment, but wanted some professional opinions.

Please help!