In 2007, my now-husband's ex-girlfried got pregnant on purpose to trap him and when he wouldn't marry her she took him to court for child support. I agree that he should pay child support, however, I happened to get a brief glance at the papers in court clerk's file and the CP grossly understated her income and overstated his income for that year. Because of that he's paying almost 1,000 a month for ONE child. We know now, from other RN's that work the same shift she does that she makes at least as much as my husband does or more and did back in 2008, when the case went to court, also. We don't want the excess back because that would take away from his child but we do want to prove that she lied and get it modified. We know what to do to get it modified but what do we do to prove she lied and committed fraud when the case was established?