My Wife's brother and his wife are foster parents. We were preparing for a family move as I had taken a job in another town. My 14 year old daugter refused to move. She said she wanted to stay with her aunt and uncl. As I had taken a job in the other town and had been living there for 6 weeks, I told her that this was not an option, that she would move with us. The very next day, I had a case against me for "sexual abuse" of my 14 year old daugther that her aunt, (the foster mom) helped her file. The kids were taken away from me and my wife and given to (you guessed it) The aunt and uncle. I believe that her relationship with the caseworker through her foster parenting has played a huge part in this. My wife has been given 1 hour supervised visits once a week, but I have been told that I cannot see the kids at all. CPS has turned it over to the authorities for a criminal investigation, but I have not heard from the authorities and it has been almost a month. I have not been able to come up with the money for an attorney. My wife is in one town and I am in another. We are both living with relatives as we sold our house to move and have not been able too. (We made no profit from the house, so we couldn't use that to fund a lawyer) My wife and I are struggling to stay together, but we have been separated for over 2 months now, and the stress is tearing us apart.

What I need to know is
1. Why can't I have supervised visits with my kids.
2. How could CPS take custody of my kids without a court order.
3. What are my rights.