My ex and I have been split up for 11 years and we have a 13 year old son who lives with his dad in Colorado. My ex is an over the road truck driver and my son is being raised by his step mother. My son and his step mother do not get along. She is not allowed to get on to my son for anything. If she does, then she gets in trouble from her husband. My son is not happy there and calls me all the time wanting to come live with me. His dad will not let that happen. He won't even let me see my son unless I go to Colorado and see him at their house. I am not allowed to take my son at all. Recently I got a call and it was from my son's step mother, crying, saying she can not handle my son. While she was telling me what was going on the phone went dead. She called back and said sorry but she threw the phone at my son, hit him in the neck. I tole her I would come get my son, but she said her husband would divorce her if she let me have my son. When I got to talk to my son, he repeatedly said he wants to live with me and not there. His step mom later told me that my son's dad says he filed for custody over a year ago and got full custody of our son. Is this possible? Could he file and get full custody without me knowing?