When my child support was figured my x was working... now she has had a 3rd child and has stopped working completely. Part of what she claimed in the child support was "work related child care expenses" she no longer has them but it is still included in the figures. Am I to keep paying the same amount while she stays home to take care of her 3rd child from 3rd father?? She has the ability to earn money should she not be responsible for supporting our child too? In addition I make more now then I did then, but now she gets to claim another child in her home. I have no problem taking care of my child, but I do not see how it is fair that she not contribute financially too. I can understand wanting to stay home with her baby but I do not feel I should support her too by my x not working. My wife would love to stay home with our child but with the amount of child support paid each month it is not possible.