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    Child support lien on bank accounts
    How long can Child Services have a lien on a bank account?

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Hi, I have a child support order that is current and being paid weekly through my job. The payments are made on time. I had a stint of unemployment that lasted approximately two months. I did not have enough weeks of employment to qualify for compensation,so I really hit the job market to find...

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In May of 2010, my parents and I drove to Georgia to see my oldest daughter Megan graduate from high school. My youngest daughter (15 years of age at the time) came back with us for the summer when we returned. During her vacation here, Melissa decided she wanted to move down here and live with me...

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Hello, I currently live in the State of Texas. I suppose to have a child in Chicago, Illinois in which I never got any DNA test done, in order to validate weather or not the child is mind. It's been well over 7 years that I left the State and moved on with my life. While checking my account...

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Say I wanted to open up a bank account but I owe money for child support is it possible for them to dip into my account without consent

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My husband just received a notice in the mail that the attorney general is putting a lien through a bank that he used to have a bank account with. My question is that, we had heard about this happening about 3 months ago, so we canceled all the accounts that we had together and just put them all in...

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