I have a son who will be 9 next week, whom I get child support for in the sum of $40 a week. This court order was established when he was one year old. I have no contact with my son's father, as the situation is a bit complicated. He did try and sue for visitation, which he lost through default. My child support payments go to an account that I have access to through a debit card. These payments are scattered and never arrive in a timely matter. Sometimes I don't get a $40 payment for weeks. My question is, without knowing if he has had an increase in earnings, or if he is even working, would I still be able to file a Complaint For Modification form with the courts on the grounds of cost of living increases? I have never filed anything after the first court order, and I know he has two other children that his ex girlfriend claimed was his when they found out I was taking him to court. Which she abruptly took him to court for at the same time. So in retrospect, I am only getting a third of his child support allotment. My son is on SSI for developmental problems and I was also wondering if this would come into play. Any help or advice is most welcomed. Thank you in advance.