My 3 year old son's non-custodial father has not paid child support in over 6 months. It might have been longer than that but I wouldn't know as I was on welfare and had signed my son's support over to the state (I wasn't a slacker; I was working and finishing up my BA). I was able to get off that program 6 months ago but haven't support in that time. The support agency has issued contempt of court papers to him with 10 counts of contempt for failure to pay, failure to provide health insurance, and failure to provide employer contacts. I know he is working as a welder (among other things) but I am fairly sure he is working under the table, as he has since we separated. I am sure he is going to go to court and insist he isn't working, however, he has recently been issued a business licence and I'm fairly certain that he is making money through his own business that as well as through others.

He is quite demeaning even if I ask for $10 (like I did tonight since we are completely broke until I get paid on Friday). He tells me to go get a job if I need more money, even though I work full time. He also insists that it's not fair he has to pay because I am a woman to put it the nicest way possible. Frankly I am not incredibly concerned about the money as I am able to scrape by most of the time, though it would be nice. I am just tired of him being able to show such blatant disrespect and arrogance about how he hasn't gotten in trouble yet. Actually, the extra money would be nice too.

What I am wondering is what will happen at this court hearing. I am hoping in the least that the judge will make him understand it is his responsibility and he can't just get away with non-payment. I know that they can take away his licence or put him in jail, but I'm not sure how that will actually help me in getting child support. So half of me is hoping he will receive a strict 'talking to' by the judge and the other half is hoping he will finally pay... but I really just want to know what to expect. Can anyone help me?

(Sorry if this is rambling - it's been hours since I've had coffee!)