I have a 2 week old little girl, and I am having issues with her father about visitation and custody. We were never married, but were together for 2 years. He kicked me out of his house when I was 5 months pregnant. I also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter that is not biologically his but he has been her daddy since she was 6 months old. Anyway, he kicked us out and I had to go live with my parents for the rest of my pregnancy. My dad thankfully got me my own place to live a couple weeks before I had my 2 week old because there was not enough room in his house for all 3 of us (my two daughers and I). My entire pregnancy the father stressed me out beyond belief, put me down, and just treated me horribly. I decided to give my baby BOTH of our last names, and because of this the father decided NOT to sign her birth certificate. He did not agree with the fact that she had my last name too. WHen I was in the hospital, he still continued to stress me out. I asked him to bring me a preemie size pacifier for her and he refused, and told me to ask my mom. When he lives 3 minutes from the hospital and it's HIS responsibility. Since being out of the hospital, he has still been stressing me out, calling me starting fights and telling me I need to give him equal time with our daughter, including overnight stays. I told him he is more than welcome to spend as much time here at my place with her but I do not feel comforatable letting him take her because he has never taken care of a newborn before. He also has bi-polar disorder and I don't know how he would handle it if she was crying uncontrolably. I told him until I feel comfortable that he can not take her by himself. He has only seen her 4 times since we've been out of the hospital, and those 4 times add up to about 3 1/2 hours of time. So I feel he knows nothing ab out taking care of her. So my question is, what kind of rights does he have to our newborn? I am more than willing to let him spend as much time here at my place with her. When does the court let a father that was un-wed to the mother take their daughter for overnight stays or any visitation away from the mother? Does the fact that he refused to sign the birth certificate play any part in this? And will his bi-polar disorder play any part as well?