Hello. I need advice here.
I am an international student came to USA on F1 visa, and I have
Two babies born here in US, and they have SSN and US passports.
Due to my very low income ( stipend from school ) I applied for
Cash assistance and food stamp programs for my two US babies, and they
Offered me this assistance. Recently, the state ( Michigan ) started to cancel benefits to a lot of beneficiaries like my situation.

They department of human services, informed me that they will stop all the services and benefits to my two babies.
When I asked them about the reason, their answer was; My two babies although they are US citizens , but they are not a permanent residents of
Michigan, and their residency follows mine, and since I am living in US on a temporary visa, then their residency is my home country, not Michigan.
Their decision is final, and I appealed, but I did not win.
Some friend told me that this action from the state is illegal, and I should sue them. I don't know what to do now, is this decision legal, or violate the federal laws ? Do I have a chance to win the case if I sue them ? Does any body advise me to see an attorney ?
Is there any way to get these benefits back ?
Any help please ?