In 2002, a NY family court ordered my ex-husband (the non-custodial parent of our 2 minor children) to pay child support in the amount of $250 per week. This court order was subsequently made a part of our divorce decree in 2005. In 2004, the NCP moved from NY to OR then eventually to CA to willfully evade support obligations. Prior to the NCP moving out of state, the arrears were already $15,000. The child support orders are registered with the UIFSA and have been forwarded to the support enforcement unit in the county where the NCP resides. To date, the NCP's arrears total $80,000. I contacted the case worker in CA regarding the arrears/enforcement of the due child support and I was informed by the CW that the child support order was too high for the NCP to pay and that a modification of child support needed to be ordered and that I should be a "little bit more understanding" because the area my ex-husband lived in was economically depressed. I asked what enforcement methods were used to collect the obligation and the CW's response was, "Well, there's not much we can do - he is not employed according to our records." Dismayed by the CW's response, I contacted the district attorney's office in the county the NCP resides in and was told that the county was aware of this situation but claimed the county had no funds available to enforce/prosecute the NCP for willful failure to provide financial support. I was assured by the DA's office that my case was put on a "list" for future consideration if/when funding became available. After this call, I contacted NYS Child Support Enforcement Unit (not my case worker but the actual office for the entire state of NY child support enforcement) and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that my particular situation was a perfect case to bring forth federal charges against the NCP under the federal program "Project Save the Children." The supervisor said she would contact the support collection unit in the county where I live and discuss my case with the appropriate individual. Before that days' end, I received a call from a supervisor in my county and I was told that my case would be forwarded to the NYS Attorney General's Office for consideration for federal prosecution by the close-of-business that Friday and that she took "personal satisfaction" in pursuing these types of issues. This conversation was over 6 months ago and I still have not heard anything and I have made numerous attempts to contact my case worker in NY utilizing the only way NY has made available - (888) 208-4485 (I have subsequently dubbed this number the (888) WHO-CAREs line). I have been given the same response by the customer service representatives every time I have called - "I can't contact your case worker but I can make a note in the system that you would like a call back regarding this issue but this does not imply or guarantee that you will be called back." It would seem to me that the agencies involved have a fiduciary duty to my case and have willfully failed to perform their respective duties. I realize that neither NY nor CA have a vested interest in my case as I do not receive any type of social services/welfare but I do feel that as a tax paying citizen that the state/county agencies involved could be working a little bit harder to help ease the burden of emotionally and financially raising 2 children as a single parent for over 6 years now. My question is this: Do I have any legal remedies to compel a state or county agency to work more diligently in pursuing my case?