I am a non-custodial parent and the mother will not let me see my child. Also I am barely making enough money (working full time) after paying child to even rent a one bedroom place or support myself. The mother of the child works full time, lives in low income housing, gets food stamps, WIC, and has a new boyfriend who works full time as well. I feel that she abusing the child support money and wasting it on stupid stuff while living it up using my money and the money from tax returns on herself. Is there any way possible that I can stop paying child support or make her show receipts of everything she uses the money on down to the exact penny and turn it in to the state each month? For crying out loud she just bought a new car, has gone to multiple concerts in the last month, is a drinker (not an acoholic), and is just blowing money that I really could use to go to college or better my own life. I am 24. Have no car. No college education. It just doesn't seem right... PLEASE HELP!