I have a two year old son that lives 60 miles away. I do not see him very often due to being in extreme debt and having to work two jobs seven days a week. The mother of my child just remarried, is pregnant again and is being a hateful person, saying he is not mine, has claimed my son was dead for attention more than once this year, and harasses me to where I have had to block three of her and her new husbands phone numbers. She has already told me that she has a friend at the prosecutors office in New Albany, INdiana and has all my information and told me she's going to get my parental rights terminated. It is very stressful for me because I can't spend the time with him and to top it off I just had part of my hand amputated on so I have just fallen into deeper debt and have no time off. Can my parental rights be taken away even when I pay child support, but I have financial and past health issues? Please can someone help me if it helps I live in Bartholomew county and the court is in Floyd County in Indiana.