I'm in a situation where the mother of my son and I were never together. We established paternity and I have been paying child support, up to date, for two years. We never set up court ordered visitation, but I see him on a regular basis (every week, sometimes every other, depending on her). Recently, he's been acting out and she's having a hard time dealing with him since she has another daughter with another guy. He's also rough with the other daughter (he's two and a half). She wants to give me full custody, but I've heard that sometimes the judge might not let her and might give me sole physical, joint legal. I'm a little weary having her still have joint legal because she and I can't always agree and since she still wants to be with me, she sometimes makes decisions just to spite me.

Basically, what I'm asking is if I file for sole physical and legal and she agrees, will the judge allow it or will he try to force joint legal? Will he try to persuade her to do joint legal instead of giving me full? Is there anything else I should know?