16 years ago I had sex with a Rhode Island woman I'm from mass the next day she told me she was pregnant & she knew because she was a few hours late with her period I went down & brought 2 test kits with me and both were negativethe following year she had a baby now 16 years later she wants past child support & moneys to support her & the child because the state has cut her off from assistance I received a letter yesterday saying mass dor child support in conjunction with Rhode Island requires me to take a dna test or else the courts would allow her money from me as a default .
I'm one of those people that believes that nothing is parsonal & confidential in this state & sooner or later my dna results would be available for all angencies to view for whatever reason with or without my concent. I know the easy oput is just give in & be done with this nut case of a woman,I've moved on in life now & have grandchildren & don't want to open a new page in my life or that of my children new wife or grandbabies.The woman listed father as Unknown but now that the state is making her work for her money now she wants to turn my life upside down (sounds like an episode of springer) But anyway can the state of mass make me take the test & if I refuse force a decision upon me?