My baby's father was recently removed from our household by Child protection services, due to physical abused from him towards our kids, then few weeks after he got into car accident, therefore I lost child support money or any contribution from him, now here is the catch. I lived a 3 family building apartment which happens to belong to his mother, whom we both(while he was living with me) we used to pay month to month rent to her, no lease, no rent receipts, we used to pay her cash. Now I do work, but I have 4 kids, 14-10-8-7 and what I get paid on weekly basis isn't by far enough for utilities and rent, so rent is backed up for 2 months now, and the lady every time she has chance, she harasses me with rent money(which I understand) but I don't get and would like to make sure is, Can the NYS law protect me from an eviction, by revising my case with the few details I have provided, also taking in consideration that my Landlord is my kids grandma? In addition to the fact that, my kids father (Lanlord's son) isn't at the moment providing with any child support, and he is living with his mother? Can someone please tell me what should I do or expect, or perhaps direct me to the safest choice I have as tenant and the landlord's ex-daughter inlaw/mother of her grandkids please. Thank you in advance.