Hello. I'm wondering if it's possible that a judge/court would terminate parental rights without the father's consent, so that my husband could adopt my two children. The biological father has not seen them in 3 1/2 years by his own choice (his family does come visit, we're only 3 hrs. away), but child support is automatically withdrawn from his checks.
I asked him five years ago if he'd let my husband adopt my kids and he said absolutely not. He's never had a relationship with them more than seeing them once a year the first couple of years (they are 8 & 11). So, is it possible for my husband to adopt them without his permission? I truly feel that it would be best for my husband to adopt them; he's been "Daddy" since they were very young. My biggest motivation for doing so would be because I worry what would happen if I were to die (I'm not sick or anything, but my dad died when I was 15 unexpectedly, so this is always on my radar). Oh, I live in the state of Washington, if that helps. Thank you so much for any advice you can give me.