I never filed for child support 8 yrs ago when I got custody of my four children because my ex said he would kill me. I had been in a very violent marriage for ten years and wanted out fast. He said he would not sign divorce papers if I had child support in them. My lawyer said "fine, don't put it in and you can take him back anytime you want" this was in Pennsylvania. If he did not sign the divorce papers Pa had a statute of limitations that he could contest a divorce for up to two years. I moved to WV 6 yrs ago. 2 yrs ago I lost my job and was struggling and needed the help of welfare. They took my ex to court for child support (current support). Is there any way I can go back for the 5 yrs he didn't pay anything even if I didn't have an order but there is documented domestic violence and previous protection orders that I had on him during that time? He has $25,000 in his checking account and I am about to be evicted with four children. He currently is in arrears of $1,300 from the current support he owes.