Hello I will try to make this clear. I filed for Child suppoet in Aug of 08 nothing happened two years and nothing happened. Then in 2010 I get a date he shows and is given the right to move case to fulton since he lied and said he lives in fulton when I filed(stalling tactic) he though he derailed me and I gave up. Well I did not 6 months later got another date in fulton and he doesn't show Child supp Servi didn't serve him. NO COURT ORDER AS OF YET! He finds out I did not drop case and all of a sudden he has no Job. He lies repeatedly. Then he calls the kids from work. (caller ID) I decide to file for divorce he is already mad that I left. (He has Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder) He was un bareable to live with. So now he is mad and withholding the 150 he gives per child (2KIDS) when he feels like it. Knowing I can't pay divorce lawyer if my finances are in the whole.(this is his controlling behavior) He picks the kids up and knowing he hasn't given any support makes himself look good because I haven't told them how he is a deadbeat dad. It's like a slap in the face I can play dad but not help support them. So he is now dodging getting served by doing a change of address and living on the run. He is still lying about work and its like no one can help me. CSC is the worst in GA Im sorry. HOW DO I GET THIS DEAD BEAT TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. Its like the system is working FOR him and NOT my kids. I want to file abandonment charges since he has gone over 30 days and keeps saying "I ment next friday" when I confront him about what he said he is going to do. CAN I IF THERE IS NO COURT ORDER TO PAT YET ? I am so ANgry righ now. HE makes 31/2 my income! I don't care if they put him in jail. My kids need clothes and food and I can't do anything special for them cause we are living near poverty. He had the nerve to tell me to take them to the thrift store!! I work full time but my income is modest to say the least. His plan is to not support so I will be in financial straights. He thought I'd come running back over money NEVER!!