My son is almost 6. His bio-father and I split before he was born. I got with my boyfriend when my son was 8-10 months old. Father had little to nothing to do with son for first 2-3 years. To make the long story shomewhat short, bio-father hasn't seen son in over a year. No child support for almost a year. We have to go to child support court tomorrow morning for contempt? We had a contempt hearing last year and I asked the judge to allow him more time since he was unemployed and had another family to provide for. The judge granted it. He made 2 payments during that time then stopped. Anyway, I live in TN. My son has tenncare that we rarely use. Is my sons bio-father allowed to just terminate his rights if I agree so he can get on with his life and my son and I do the same? Or, does someone have to take on those right? I am not married to my boyfriend but we have lived together with my son for 5 years. My boyfiend and I also have a 4 year old son together. Any help would be great! I feel bad for the guy because he was 18 and I was 17 when we got pregnant. We Dated all through high school. He has another life now. My son and I are better off without his help :)