January 1, 2011 My mother died and left me and my two sisters with my maternal grandmother. Two months later, my sisters decided that they no longer wanted to live with my grandmother any more. My middle sister went to live with my very loving and caring grandfather and our step grandmother and their daughter aunt # 2 my youngest sister went to live with my step aunt # 3. 3 months later aunt # 2 starts putting her hands on middle sister and then aunt # 3 and her children move in with my grandfather. In November, My grandfather died and that's when things took a turn for the worst. My middle sister now has two bald spots in her head and my youngest sister hasn't gotten a new pair of clothes since Christmas of 2011. My aunt # 3 is moving to Tennessee In June and she wants to take my baby sister with her. My middle sister is doing fine now but the problem is that My aunt # 3 is taking all of my sisters money and using it on her children. Please help I need to know what it is I can do to get full not joint but full custody of her. I live in Manassas, VA and I really want to get her out of this situation and FAST!!