I am just a by stander trying to help the 18 year old, We Live In Alabama & this girl still goes to school. Her parents kicked her out of the house as of today. Didn't even drive her anywhere she was told she had to walk with all her stuff to wherever they didn't care. She had knee surgery recently & can't walk very well. The parents were so strict they didn't allow a TV in her room, no computer,no phone, didn't allow her to have a vehicle so she could work & they have money, punished her if she did wrong to sleep outside in the freezing cold. And once in the rain. So she lashed out by getting mixed up with the wrong people & shoplifted some makeup at a Retail Store, First Offense, and since then her parents gave her 4 days to get out of the house, she has no money, no vehicle, no other family. I only know her because my son goes to school with her. When she got in trouble shoplifting her parents left her in jail for 4 days didn't show up on her court date locked her out of their home. I brought the girl home to my house she is very sweet and has done nothing but cry. She knows she did wrong she doesn't know what to do. I can't keep her here at my home because I have a 16 yo son. Is it Legal for parents to leave you homeless at 18 yo? I have contacted Dhr but they haven't responded yet. I know she was very wrong for stealing, but first offense and she got kicked out I don't think that is right. Of course that is my opinion. Is it Legal in Alabama does anyone know, I can't find it anywhere online. Thank you!