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    May 28, 2018, 09:36 AM
    Wood garage door panel has gap.
    I have a 16' overhead wood garage door with 5 horizontal panels. The 4th panel (from the top) aligns with the 5th panel nicely where they meet, but projects inward almost 3/8" where it meets the 3rd panel above it. I think it's the 3rd panel that isn't level vertically, but it's up against the doorway the way it should be so maybe the doorway is out of whack. This creates a gap where mice can enter easily. I don't see how weatherstripping can take care of this since just that one panel is causing the problem. Does attaching a wood strip about 3/8" thick where the gap shows on the outside roughly the height of the panel sound like a good solution? When I held a scrap of wood there it did cover the opening. I could do that same thing on all the panels and on the panels on the other end of the 16' door so it looks uniform. I know I would have to be sure there's enough clearance on top when I open the door. It looks good although it's a bit iffy at the top of panel #1 and might require trimming. The door operates with no problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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