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    Oct 30, 2011, 07:54 AM
    Want remedy for my flat south west facing direction flat !
    I live in a rented flat on second floor and main entrance of my flat is in South West direction. Entrance of my building/ apartment from road is in South East. I am living here from last 3 years and facing lots of different types of problems. I am not getting growth in my job in spite of hard work. My wife is facing health problem and son who is just five and half year old faces lots of problem every month or two he fall sick even he don't concentrate on studies. I am not able to save any money, well not facing any financial problem but not able to save money for future. I also not feel very peaceful due to all these and somehow feel that this south facing entrance can be one of the reasons. I am not in position to change the flat rightnow. What all remedies I can use to improve the bad impact of south west facing entrance. Please help. Thanks
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    Oct 30, 2011, 08:30 AM
    I don't see that you can UNLESS you set up some sort of outdoor screening which wouldn't change the direction that the entrance faces but MIGHT change the direction from which you approach the entrance. For example, put a screening in front of the door which requires you to approach from one side or the other, not head on.

    I don't know if the landlord will allow that.

    Are you saying that you believe the direction the door faces causes you bad luck?
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    msahay_india Posts: 7, Reputation: 1
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    Oct 30, 2011, 08:36 AM
    Hi Judy,

    Thanks for your reply. My landlord will not allow this. I read about this today only on net that South West facing entrance is not good and it brings lots of bad luck. I am not very sure about it but I am in difficult situation so thought that this can be one of the reason..

    Thanks any way for your time :)
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    Oct 31, 2011, 08:46 AM
    Hi msahay, sorry for your challenges. It sounds like you are speaking of Feng Shui which most Western people have a hard time believing in. I was fortunate to read a Feng Shui book that related its principles to Western based Psychology so I see it as a valuable system with many appropriate solutions.

    I don't think the Southwest entry is particularly bad but there could be other factors going on. You could hire a feng shui consultant but for your situation some on line research should be a better fit. Better luck to you!

    Front door direction for Feng Shui
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    Nov 11, 2012, 11:14 PM
    I wanted to know if any issues with my flat or building which is facing south west, gates of the building are in front corners in south and west,One road is in front of the building in southwest.

    My flat/apartment main door is towards north or nort west, whereas master bedroom is facing south west and sliding window is in southwest and having a small balcony.

    Please suggest and any remedies I may take

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