Hi... we are taking bids for a standard 6' privacy fence with kickboards. As usual there is a huge range in prices. So, I have a few questions.

Redwood vs cedar for the fence boards?

Kickboard vs no kickboard? We do have dogs and there is a slight grade so it currently touches the ground on the back of the fence.

And how do you guarantee what quality of wood they purchase for the fence boards? Since the bids range considerably and some of the proposals are more vague than others.


A bit more information. We had one contractor that couldn't make it yesterday. Huge wind storm so he was busy and called to reschedule. No problem, but my husband went over the bids and picked a contractor last night.

I was going to save the guy, who didn't make it yesterday, a trip out here and called this morning. But decided to ask him about the guy my husband picked and he said that he didn't like to talk badly about anyone. To be expected. And said that other contractor hired all his guys who he fired for bad work. Also that the other contractor used a poor quality cedar that split and cracked rather quickly. While he used redwood that stood up better and a higher quality as well.

So that got me questioning our choice. Certainly, he is trying to win the bid. But we also questioned the wood quality last night ourselves despite that first constractor's proposal being the most detailed of all of them. Which is one of the reasons we picked him.

We are in the Central Valley in CA, so sunny and hot weather for the most part. A few days of freezing temps over night and some rain in the winter, but windy a lot of the year.

Sorry for the length but tried to supply all the info you might need. :)