My house is a 60 year old cape cod. I have a walk up attic (the stairs are permanent, not the pull down kind) although the stair case is narrow and it curves. I currently have 2 bedrooms on the first floor. My attic is floored and there are a few electrical outlets up there. I will have to bring the AC/Heat up there as there is no duct work up there. I'm thinking about raising the roof to create 2 bedrooms and a bathroom or a master suite/bathroom upthere. I have tossed around differernt ideas: raising one side of the roof in a dormer fasion, raising the whole roof, or creating a different more victorian roofline on the entire house. I have NO idea what this wall cost me. Currently my attic is floored. I live in the philly area. My house is about 860 square feet. It's basically a box and all the weight baring walls are the exterior walls. Does anyone have any idea how much this will cost. At least a price range? How cheaply can I do this? What if I omit the bathroom?