Our front entrance leads out to a concrete slab that is over a cutout in the basement. Over years we have been getting leaking in the basement along the edges. It looks like the surface of the concrete has developed air pockets and fine cracks and the water is seeping in and traveling through the slab and dripping in the basement.

I have tackled all the possible drainage possibilities that might have been causing a leak, have tried Thompsons water seal on the entire seal and tried concrete seal in specific locations. The seal seems to work a little but wears off quickly. Replacing the slab would be a major and expensive option and covering it isn't really an option either. I am reluctant to start cracking those air pockets to see what is underneath because patching the surface would look uneven

Anyone have any suggestions on stoping the leaks or ideas on sealants that don't wear out quickly and also look OK for a front stoop.