I am about to take on a huge project - alone.
I bought the paint and need desperately to get the exterior of my house painted. About three or four years ago, my boyfriend hired someone with a sprayer to do this. Since then, the paint has been literally peeling off all the way down to the raw wood. I don't know why this happened, but it needs to be addressed.
I don't know where to being. I thought I'd just take a section at a time, scrape, sand, prime and paint.
I knew a friend years ago that had a heat gun and used it as he went along to scrape off the old paint. My question is, do I have to remove all the old paint first?
If I don't, I'm afraid it will look "patchy" where there were peeled off sections...
Also, I am a bit afraid of the heat gun but with proper instructions, feel I can use one.
I think they are available for rent.
Then, should I get a sprayer or just go for it with the brush?
I am so broke right now, any money saving tip is welcome. I also don't mind hard work
And can maybe get my brother to pitch in and help.

The worst problem I have is that the new wet paint is the same color as the paint on there now... so it is impossible to see where you start and stop. ;-)