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    Where to au pair in europe ?
    So for a while now I've really wanted to try Au Pairing. I’ma 20 year old American woman, I really like travelling and adore children ( I’vebeen around them my whole life) and think this would be a wonderfulopportunity. but I’m having the hardest time deciding. I went through a veryrecommended au Pair site and talked with 4 amazing families and now I reallycannot choose they all seem amazing. so i had one family from Madrid contact me,i facetimed the mom and she seemed very nice! she has 2 boys around 7 and 11and this will be her 2nd au pair from America. she had her au pair text me andshe said she liked the experience a lot ( it was her first time as well).

    ilike madrid because i feel like i will be able to meet friends and other aupairs because it is a large, well connected city, another reason i like it isbecause ive always wanted to become fluent in Spanish and i would be able totake classes ( i would have to pay for them) and the family offered to help melearn the language.

    The pay is around $316 ( in USD) a month and the room andbathroom, i would have a nice bedroom and bathroom and her schedule doesn'tseem demanding it fits well for me, the only thing that threw me off was thatthe mom didn't really ask much about me, when we chatted it was mostly just hertalking the entire time and she sort of brushed off my questions ( notintentionally or in a mean way).

    now on to my second family, its a Spanishfamily that lives in Geneva Switzerland. i facetimed them they are a youngcouple id say maybe mid thirties. they have a 2 year old boy and a 4 year oldgirl (such cuties) i would be their first ever au pair ( they want to teachtheir kids English) they seemed reallynice and offered to pay for my language course and $600 a month on top of that( mind you i don't have a lot of money saved up to begin with) the only thingthat worries me is finding friends for when im not with the family and that thekids are so little im afraid that it might be more demanding? ( but idksometimes older kids are harder i think it just depends really) so i reallyliked them and the fact that i wouldn't really have to worry about if im gonnahave enough money plus they might take me to spain w them in the summer.

    mythird family is a single mom in Napoli Italy, she has a 14 year old girl and a12 year old boy when i facetimed her she was VERY welcoming and me and her hitit off right away, she seemed like a very fun person like me. she said that herkids were pretty self sufficient but she wants to teach her kids about other culturesand my language ( shes never had an American au pair before) she said they goon ski trips and swimming in the summer and she makes the best Italian food! (her other au pairs RAVED about their time with her) she said she would pay methe average $316 and obviously cook me food and pay for me when they go out.the only thing is her apartment is a little small and i really do like myprivacy sometimes and the quiet so that is the only problem, and that naples isa little dangerous from what i looked up ( im not sure if i would find other aupair s in the area) but i think Italy is beautiful and i cant even begin toexplain how much i love Italian food!!) and her schedule was nice it was mostlyafternoons and 3 days off ( i hate getting up early) .

    last but not least, thefamily from Verona Italy. this family has 2 kids, a nine year old girl and a 12year old boy, the house is GORGEOUS and i would have a nice private room andbathroom and plus, it Verona!! ( Romeo and Juliet + beautiful city) she seemedvery nice on facetime and really seemed like she wanted to get to know me andwas genuine. the schedule was a little iffy to me because she said i would haveto get up at 7 am or earlier and i really don't enjoy waking up that early butthe school is right aacross from her house. she was the only person i FaceTimedwithout actually meeting any other part of the family like i did on the other familiesfacetimes ( i met the other ones kids over the phone) so i really don't knowwhat they are like plus she said she would only pay me $280 a month which impretty sure is below the standard? and plus for both the Italy families i thinki would have to take an Italian course for my visa (id have to pay for thecourse) , but i have no interest learning Italian. so if anyone could put their2 cents in that would really help!! i really just cannot choose.

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