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    Jul 31, 2013, 08:30 AM
    When traffic lights are involved, without a green light for the left turn- through, or straight traffic has the right of way. The same is applied to stop signs or Yellow vs Red flashing lights. Unfortunately many Stop light intersections are NOT marked as yielding to Through traffic.
    As DEFENSIVE driving rules go- if YOU are the one changing direction, you DON'T HAVE the right of way.
    This includes parking lots as well.
    Because you INTEND to cross over rowed parking spaces to keep going straight, you DO NOT have the right of way.
    A solid painted lined is cheaper than putting in concrete barriers to stop you.
    Diagonal lines are to be treated as an "island"- as if it were a raised concrete island, a physical barrier.
    Center turn lanes can only be traved for 50 feet without citation, and are not intended as a passing lane- also a citation. They can be used as a means to merge with traffic flow provided your travel in said lane is less than 50 feet to merge.
    In right hand turns:
    If a single lane through traffic PAIRS with another (making 2 lanes) and the right hand turn has a yield sign with no cross line- protected by an island, the right hand turn HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY FOR THAT LANE- regarless of Yield sign.
    Notice that the Yield sign is placed facing the through traffic, not on the inside-corner for the right hand turn.
    Yes, there a lot of rules that are not really covered in Driver's Education courses.

    BTW, do not OVER-REACT to an impending accident by trying to miss the car at fault. If YOU miss the offender & hit another car(s)- YOU can be held accountable as the offender drives away with no damage.
    I HIGHLY recommend a dash camera. They start @ like $30 up to $500. I paid $120 for mine & the 32GB micro chip was another $40. Be sure to get one with both front & rear view- most let you switch between recording views.
    I believe in 2014 or 2015 cars will come standard with "black boxes" to record accident details (G-Forces, speed, location)- but maybe not video (this is a new Law)...
    Dash cameras are THE thing in Europe, because of the different driving laws in various Countries. From what I've seen, the signs/ signals are pretty much the same as in the USA- going by SHAPE & COLOR.

    It would be helpful to have more information PAINTED ON THE ROADWAY, in case you missed a posted sign. I see MANY (signs) hidden by tree growth...

    Always check your rear-view mirrors before lane changing, if you can't see approaching traffic- WAIT before making a left or U-turn, don't cross multiple lanes to make a turn. NEVER follow too close. 1 car length for every 10 MPH is barely enough time to react.
    Have an escape route for every scenario. Don't let someone "box you in" - slow down or speed up to keep traffic a safe distance from you.
    NEVER let someone STAY in your "blind Spot".

    Don't be aggressive.
    If you're late, you're late. Don't put everyone else's life on the line because you're running late. Stop speeding & weaving traffic just to get off the freeway at the next offramp. You won't get there faster by getting into an accident or pulled over by the Police.
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    Jul 31, 2013, 09:01 AM
    You realize this thread is three years old, right?

    One suggestion: instead of saying "NEVER let someone STAY in your 'blind Spot' " I would suggest "adjust your mirrors properly so there is no blind spot." Unless you're hauling a trailer or driving a truck with opaque rear doors there is no reason why you should ever have a blind spot. Unfortunately a large percentage of the driving public has never been instructed on the proper adjustment of mirrors - especially the passenger side mirror - with the result that they have double coverage of what's happening behind and no coverage of what's happening to the side. Adjust your mirrors properly and the blind spot goes away.

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