This is two questions regarding what is appropriate when your wife passes on and about funeral etiquette. My mother passed over the Memorial Weekend n Friday, May 23rd... her 35th wedding anniverisary with my step father. She'd been ill for 2 years and the last 6 months her health declined at a rapid pace. The day she passed my younger brother & his wife AND my step father drove 800 miles to my step father's ex-wife (they'd been divorced for 45 years and had 4 children) funeral celebration service / kayak excursion (she loved kayaking). Was this appropriate for them to go on the day my mother passed. I found this to be an insensitive and callous move.

Also, for funeral etiquette how is the family supposed to sit in the church.. Immediate children in the front and step children in the second row? I believe it should be immediate in the front and step in back.