I need some advice!! We are new in our neighborhood, and we have become social with our neighbors behind us. However she has become a burden. There are times she is in our back yard raking up leaves and pulling weeds and I can't even work in my garden without her coming out of the house and wanting to talk for 2 hours and asking to help. But when she helps she tells me what to do. In the past week she has mentioned a tree that needs to be cut down and today I looked out my window and saw her and her husband planning to cut down our tree. I decided to take a shower with my husband to cool off and while doing so I suddenly hear "you two quit playing around in there" through our bathroom window. I just about died... so we yelled we are washing the dogs. 5 minutes later my hubby sneezed and we hear "bless you" I stormed out of the shower and looked for her she was sitting on our front step waiting for us. I ignored her and went back in the shower, a few minutes later I hear "hey I have a question for you guys." My husband yelled "Go back home and we will talk later" She just doesn't get the point, what do we do?