What are the legal penalties for taking advantage of a disabled person in Florida?

This woman was originally staying with me and was acting as a caretaker for me.
Then I got HUD to help with my rent but she would not move out. She made it impossible for me to get rid of her by threatening to violate me with HUD because I contracted for a single one man apartment and she had no where to go.

She got a DUI on Christmas day with hit and run and in my car and I helped her pay her restitution every month. I got a DUI 2 -- 26 years apart but still a DUI 2. I helped her get her license back and signed my car over to her with the verbal agreement that She sign it back to me when she finally found a place to go. She violated that agreement and now has taken my Jeep with less than 50,000 miles on it. I did that because the insurance on her DUI was for a first offense and was far cheaper. She still had the electric in her name and would not let me use my benefits to change that, or change her address from my residence since I had contracted and signed the lease for just me. She began squatting here on my and issuing ultimatums and threats that if I did not let her stay she would violate my hud by turning me in. She is finally moving out, but she has spent thousands of my dollars and has taken my car. On the 4th of January the electric will be switched to my name and I will finally be in full compliance with HUD. What a nightmare, and what a relief. But she still has my Jeep with less than 50,000 miles on it and she won't sign it back over to me. Has she broken any laws in the state of Florida.
I am a terminally ill man on Social Security Disability and the toxins in my brain from my stage 4 cirrhoses leave me at a disadvantage as I am not 100 percent mentally. Not to mention I suffer from Clinical Major Depression. How do I get my car back and get her arrested?