I started my second job last year at a major clothes company and was very happy with the way it was going, I loved every minute and every aspect of the job, I made good friendships with people and got to know the place and the trade better.

Anyway as with any job there is the probationary 3 months and nearing mine I was confident that my I would be kept on permanently because my performance in my till operator job was quite good. I rotated around doing different jobs at different sections of the store and learnt a substantial amount in a short period as I'm just the type to get on with it. There was another younger girl working with me who made A LOT, and I mean A LOT of errors in her job, the managers noticed, got pissed off and then taught her properly.

Come January I was took aside by one of the managers he read out a letter saying my contract would be ended early (WHAT?) this came as a big shock to me, I was nearly in tears as it was not expected, I felt and was given security in the job. In a sheer state of shock I froze and could not think straight and carried on, he pointed out that I would not be handed a new contract to sign as a result of me having made a series of mistakes over the last few months, this was selecting *cash* instead of *card* when closing the transaction, which meant that the process would be restarted as the till opens and the data is stored to say that sale was complete, HOWEVER when I first made this mistake I didn't hesitate to ask a different supervisor about how to correct the mistake and she very condescendingly looked at me as if I was FULLY retarded and shut the till, I laughed at my stupidity and carried on thinking this process was right until I found out you actually have to get the mistake corrected by a supervisor. The young girl was kept on.

Anyway fast forward 4 weeks, I have tried to get a meeting with a manager to explain this and am still in the process as they take so long (because of the huge business) I really need this job as I'm going to college next year and need all the money I can get.

Where do I stand? What do you think I should do?