I was arrested 6 months ago for a first degree (felony) theft charge for abusing my companies benefits. About 2 months ago the case finally wrapped up and I agreed to a guilty plea and my charge was dropped to a misdemeanor. I was convicted for second degree (misdemeanor) theft and sentenced to 6 months of unsupervised probation and restitution. Restitution has been fully paid off and I have accepted a new job offer and started work already, however my offer is contingent on passing a DHS suitability clearance which has been in processing for the past month and a half. The current job only asked on the application if I have any felony convictions and of course I noted No.

My question(s) are: do I have any chance of obtaining a DHS Suitability? I have no prior convictions or arrests. Also, should I notify my employer of my misdemeanor conviction even though they have not requested that information? My thought is I can get paid for the work I am currently doing if they let me go and/or also why provide information they aren't requesting.