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    Oct 29, 2013, 10:55 AM
    Could this be discrimination?
    I work at Walmart... My store has a total of about 11 or 12 front end supervisors... Of those, only 1 is male... There was recently a position open and then filled. The position was held by a female , and was filled by a female. I had an interest in the spot. I had passed the required test and applied for the spot weeks before the spot was opened.

    The person that filled the position is technically more qualified. But... At what point does qualification take precedence over equality?

    I know I probably sound bitter and jealous. I just want to know what others think on the issue... Thanks. :)
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    Oct 29, 2013, 11:22 AM
    Tough call on this... because you have to prove it.. and you won't have access to any of the information involved in the decision.

    SO unless someone actually says something.. or you win the Powerball and have money to pursue a lawsuit on principle... (where these could be subpeonaed) its likely to be far more expensive than its worth.

    But they could say she's simply more gualified (as you admit she is) or they can falll back on the feel good catchall of they had to meet quotas... either way its an uphill battle on a very steep hill.

    You could always try filing something with your local EEOC office...but they won't take it up unless they can see some clear evidence of discrimination, and they would tell you as much if it was the case after you give them all the details on the forms, but such a pursuit (if they found cause) would likely torpedo your future career with Walmart. No it wouldn't be overt if they were smart..but giving you a review of one less than you really deserved would over time be enough to do it....or they decide to not let something slide they normally would have as a reason to get rid of you....if you see my point.

    So in short...choose your battles carefully. Example - I work in a union job....and its one of the well known ones...(I know you aren't but this is only an example) and if management decided they wanted someone gone.....not even the union could save that persons job. And I've seen it happen to a number of people over the years. I got my job as a result of one of the people that got canned because he ticked off the wrong people once too often.

    Its not always black and white....and there is a really wide gray area on this issue.

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