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    Jun 22, 2011, 11:01 AM
    Invisible or white flying parasites
    Catsmine - I have read a number of your responses after having gone to related questions about invisible or white flying parasites. You have indicated that a number of people with similar problems have found resolution was fungal yet I find none of the persons asking questions resolving or confirming that being the cause. Virtually alllll of the questions being asked have been left hanging. A number back to 2009 - where no resolution was found. If indeed this is fungal, please tell me specifically what type of fungus this was or give me a link to a site that discusses this being scientifically proven to be such and such a fungus. I would appreciate that verrrrry much and I'm sure others would as well. I am puzzled why after people had such concerns that the question and answer just drops off with no further input or questions or updates - ?

    Also, catsmine, I say this from an objective standpoint, would it be helpful to have at least one or two other experts reviewing all of these questions seemingly about the same topic to get other input on such a devastating and life-altering problem. I admit I am new to this site so I may have missed some expert names included along with yours but this is very series, in my opinion, and I think all experts should be on top of this. Is anyone taking this a step further - meaning gathering data and retaining it and researching/submitting to determine not only what it is but to avoid it spreading further. In my opinion, this is quite series and could become an epidemic - particularly with people fleeing to other homes and hotels to get away from it - particularly if it is carried from place to place - please take this a step further - we need to find a root cause (again though if you have concluded this is fungal, what was the conclusion as to a NAME for the fungus and what is the treatment to end this once and for all. I appreciate all details you can provide. Thanks
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    Aug 6, 2012, 07:15 PM
    I too suffer from these microscopic flying parasites. They are a modern day plague that no one but the suffers care about. I have ruled out the following bugs: thrips, mites, fleas, bed bugs, springtails, morgellons, blackflys. These pests are about the size of the period in this sentence. They fly, they bite, they reproduce voraciously. Pesticides and ozone only helps so much. My friends have felt them. You can only see them in strong sunlight or a very strong flashlight. I put a 4x makeup mirror perpendicular to the carpet, then shine a flashlight across the carpet into the mirror. The mirror magnifies them so you can see them fly around very quickly. You only see them for a second. They don't linger. They look like flying dust. I am desparatly trying to get a sample. But, you need expensive microscopes and parasite experience to capture such delicate and elusive pests. I think they just fall apart when lightly touched with clear tape for samples. Ps, the local extension service is ignoring this plague.
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    Dec 19, 2012, 04:52 AM
    Sounds like bird mites. They are eating me alive. They come in through screens when birds leave nest. Especially bad if tree was infested or empty nests in eaves or roof. Could also be carpet beetles. They can be in your hair and on skin and bite and eat hair and infest your clothes, furniture, clothing and food. Leaving you 90% scarred body and no belongings. Spring tails on the other hand.. cannot be washed in hot water and dried. They have to be smothered.3 days after washing into plastic airtight bag, But if you have carpet beetles the will eat into the bags and there go your clothes. They (spring tails) lay eggs everywhere and leave everything they touched sticky.They will stay in your home for one reason.(they like to frolic in water outside in nature) they eat fungus. They hide by day in dark, damp voids in bathroom under tub or sink or in ventilation.. anywhere until night. Then your skin crawls from head to toe when they swarm. If enough get on your skin that they smother themselves they will cut their wayout. Check out their life cycle I have evry beetle know to man eating my belongings and me. Check into the bird mites and carpet, fabric beetle. Go to Bird Mites.Org. It will explain the floating flaky things. Are you only bit at night? Good luck. Chic515

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