HELP!! Does anyone know what this is? Can you help me research this pest?

I've been searching the internet and writing people for several weeks. Yet I haven't been able to find information on this pest. So it must be something new.

People are contracting a tiny white insect, arthropod, or parasite from clothing of retail stores or other people. This pest is neither a mite nor a flea. It's not lice. It looks like fiber or thread. Yet it's not affiliated with Morgellons or Fibre Disease.

Please pay close attention as I describe the physical attributes and symptoms of this pest. If someone has this pest, they will see 3 types of White things:

1) tiny round things about the size of a spec of salt; some are a little larger
2) tiny, oblong shaped, things that look like a piece of thread or fiber; varies in length from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long (It grows.) **It unfolds itself to fly. It crawls also.
3) slightly larger round white things that jump.
I see #1 and #2 most often.

If someone has this pest, they will have the following physical symptoms:
1) Bites that sting
2) Red skin rashes and/or small red bumps
3) Lighting sensations; Victims will feel the pest or its eggs lighting on their skin.
4) Optional: Itching **I donít itch, but another victim has an itching problem.

Entomologists, Health Departments, medical doctors, and pest control companies arenít familiar with this pest. Some professionals will claim thereís no such thing. Therefore, it's difficult for pest victims to get help. **This pest is not related to Morgellon/Fibre Disease.

If you have any information on this pest or if you know anyone who is infested with it, please write me at: twfparasite(at)yahoo(dot)com (Use the ďatĒ symbol and period.)

Thanks for your time and assistance.