I have been spraying Kleen Green and fogging with CedarCide for approximately 2 months, taking supplements, pulled up all carpeting, rugs, and threw away all of our upholstered furniture, wash bedding daily in detergent, borax, and ammonia, however we are still suffering from these mites. We have tried the traditional route and went to the doctor and even a dermatologist for treatment. We have used several rounds of permethrin, and taken 6 weeks of Stromectol doses, as well as, taken nearly 3 weeks worth of Bactrim all to no avail. The symptoms have lessened somewhat, but still we have not been able to get rid of them. We shower and soak daily with Kleen Green, spray neem, use All-Stop products and have tried vinegar, epsom salts, bleach and alfalfa tablets in our "Hot" bathwater. Need some suggestions. Please help!