I had found several links and writings on the topic of flying parasites but they seemed to end without resolution and I am wondering if anyone if a resolution has been found. Here is my experience:

Buggysbegone and Findit and others suffering with this unusual parasite.

I am also quite familiar with these invisible pests as well as familiar with others' judgment and hurtful comments about me being crazy - family and doctors alike. I will try to keep what I believe to facts brief but to the point - about what I have experience and tried.
1. I believe these "things" are tiny white/clearish parasites that can appear to simply be dust in the air. However, when watching them closely it can be seen that they seem to have some control to their movement. I used a lamp in a dark room and watched them (mannnny of them). Related to that, I went out to my car after not having driven it for a couple days and when I opened the door it was as though the white specks exploded out of the car. I wish I could have caught that on file.
2. I find that there are white and hairlike and fuzz like pieces that are in the air. I believe that there is a stage in which the white pieces become round - those pieces land on the skin and I think the next stage is when they become black specks. I think the black specks bore into the skin. I used to put on cream and even spray apple cider vinegar on my skin when I started to get that "uncomfortable" feeling - not like a bit but more of a digging in my skin. When I take the unscented (rectangular shaped baby wipes - the brand at Walmart works well - in purple package) and I rub over the area that feels uncomfortable a high percentage of the time I will find a black speck on the wipee. Finding and removing them at this stage has saved me many a bite! This method has worked extremely well and kept my skin under control. I also take Benadryl Allergy as needed to keep the sores dried out. Ledum pollustre (spelling) is a homeopathic item that can be used - 5 under the tongue - do not touch pills - read directions, of course - that seemed to help with the sensations but I have not used that long term) as benadryl is working well enough right now - when I have used up that I will try ledum again.
3. I have found the a shampoo which is to prevent lice and has lemongrass scenting helps keep me from getting bites on my head (comes in lime green container and I got it walgrees). I have also worn a shower cap in the evening because I get a veil like feeling in the evenings like the specks are filling the air and getting on my head. I have also slept with the cap and that has helped though my head gets warm - still with the lemongrass shampoo in my hair I don't feel as though I am providing a growing environment for them.
5. I have stopped not only washing my clothes on hot - now washing clothes in tap water temp - cool, I also shower in cool water. Hot showers seemed to make it worse and hot washing and drying seemed to cultivate more and imbed bugs deeper into fabrics - I threw out mannnny pieces of clothing and everything else - couch, mattress, carpet - towels (I buy open weave towels - never terry cloth because there is less depth and I can see if there is anything in the fiber). I also stopped washing the few pieces I wear in washer and now wash by hand and use a bar soap - sulfer/lavendar. I have found my clothes to be MUCH more comfortable without going through the washer - I feel that not only does the washing/spin pressing the items in but the steam encourages more growth - dryer the same thing. I wash by hand and then dry in the son. Though I have concern for hanging clothes outside, thus far the clothes are very comfortable. I also read somewhere that closed could be ironed to kill any remaining bugs.For the shower, instead of a washcloth I have started using one of those plastic mesh handheld bathing scrubbers as it is pourous and non fabric. While I am thinking of it another thread I read, said that blinds are good hiding places for bugs and shades are easier to wipe down -I thought that was useful information.

Having done the bug bombing, exterminator, chemical sprays, bleach! you name it - putting it everywhere and everywhere, I have gone to Apple cider vinegar to wipe counters, and spray around - floors and up to ceilings, drawers to wipe out, etc.

I used permethrin after being diagnosed with Scabies though I never felt that is what this was yet was grateful for a documented issue. The permethrin worked for a short period only. No amount of cleaning has resolved the issue and I do not intend to do another dose. A weakened immune system is supposedly why certain people get these things and others don't. I have started taking a black walnut, etc tincutre, echinaccea to build my immune system and a B12 complex which is supposed to be the same formula as the shots and works best.

The sulfer lavendar soap I got was purchased from http://www.dermisil.com - they have a number of other items and I am awaiting arrival of some treatment for scabies. I believe since they are mites, it is worth a try and all organic. I cannot wait for the cream to arrive and see how that works versus the thought of putting Permathrin on ever again. I also purchased the mange item and the shampoo that goes with it. My cats are acting as though they have something on them - and had been treating them for fleas - waste of money and did nothing.

I bag my clean clothes immediately after drying and tie them up tightly. I used to bag my dirty clothes but now I have a dishpan that I put the dirty clothes in and suds up the items I am taking off for the shower before I get in the shower, then when I get out of the shower I suds up the cloth for washing and drying (I use a non terry cloth hand towel size towel to dry off - easier to wash by hand and I adjusted).

Clothing - I buy lightweight and open weave clothes - e.g. buy "tissue" cotton shirts - they are a much more open weave. I find that the bugs can tuck themselves away in tighter weave/elastic, ribbed fabric and stretchy fabric. I can't tell you the number of times I felt forced to throw away good clothes because of the prickly sensations when putting on freshly washed clothes. I found that IRONING the tighter woven clothes helps though you have to get every inch of the item but even if you miss a spot it is still more bearable than not. I read that one person was washing in borax and ammonia and then ironing - my thought is I would avoid chemicals such as ammonia and have tried borax which seems to help but if you are still having to iron, they didn't do the trick and I would not go that route - less chemicals the better.

I have also purchased lemongrass oil, lavendar, peppermint oil, eukolyptus oil and and put a few drops of each in a spray bottle and spray that around. I will also dab my scalp, ankles, neck, etc. wherever I feel concern - particularly when going to bed. UPDATE have used oregano oil - dabbed in spots and that strong smell seems to be a deterrent as well.

I use an air mattress and a small travel size pillow (which I put in a plastic bag and I use a shower curtain liner (two bucks at target) as a cover. I have a small electric cooler that I have used (versus a swamp cooler on roof) and I add the oils to the container that I fill with water to try to spread that around. UPDATE I have recently started adding oregano oil - which is quite potent and seems to help as well.

I took a flashlight and held it parallel to the floor about chest high but off to my side and watched - although chaos initially, after waiting for a period, I saw little white specks - grain size (like little dashes and some hair like pieces were in the air - eventually the specks started to align and I could see them for a good three feet - all in a single stream but occasionally there would be small cluster or just a few but then back again into the line. I took a piece of packaging tape and put the sticky side facing outward and held the flashlight to capture a number of them.

I am now awaiting a portable microscope I purchased on eBay that has both camera and video and I will be looking at a number of samples I have saved on scotch tape.

We had two batches of baby bird hatches (quite oddddd) one in the spring and another just a few weeks back in summer- we thinkkkk the two nests that are on the porch may be the source of the mites - but not certain at this time if these are the source or a relative who may be a carrier. We are getting a hold of a bug guy to see if they can be removed asap.

I empathize with every one of you suffering with this but let's all hang in there and fight the good fight. Please be sure that if you find the "cure" that you come back and post on this site - others are counting on you and needing an answer. I will, of course, do the same.

I apologize if I have repeated myself or for typos, or if my writing is out of order but my intent was to share as much as I could think of with you in hopes it may help. p.s. I have a cousin that is suffering with the same symptoms. Let's find a cure for this and help others to avoid suffering as we have.

If any of you are out there that have input or suggestions or found a resolution, please post back and let's share what we know as others are suffering. Thanks