:confused: I have a question about a beetle.

I live in south africa, and my dad has been finding these beetles in our garden. We have looked everywhere for information and images.

It is a small black beetle, 10mm, with long hairy legs (like that of a monkey beetle) it has a similar shape to that of a June bug.

What is most interesting is the markings... it has irregular white markings (not perfect spots), they look like they have been painted on.

Starting at the head... there are two oval "spots" on the outer edge, then just below that there are two pin size white spots closer together towards the centre, below that there are again two large "spots" on the outer edge, then again two pin size spots closer to the centre, then the larger "spots" on the outer edge, and below that the larger "spots" again.
Also there are two "spots" on the bum (if you can call it that) and two "spots" on the underside between the back legs and middle legs.

OK, long description, I know, but I cannot upload a photo.

If you have any information let me know please! :D