Last week I found about 20 bumps/ insect bites on my body after falling asleep on the couch for 4 hours. :mad: I thought it might be my bed because I didn't notice them until the following morning. Although when I slept on the couch again without a pillow (my face on the couch) I had 6 bites on my face. Both incidents were later in the evening. Obviously I have not slept on the couch since or even sat on it, and I have not gotten any more bites. :) but I haven't seen any bugs although I could feel them crawling and I was incredibly itchy well sitting on the couch. Does anyone know what these critters could be? Also today when I got home my brother said he saw a small black bug that looked like a beetle perhaps 1/2the size of a lady bug crawling on his arm. Could this be the mystery bug?