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    Bad Boys
    What do bad boys Steve Comisar and Mark Wahlberg have in common?

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I guess ill just dive into what's up For some reason I'm attracted to bad boys, haha well I think most girls are. The thing is, as of now I seem to like this guy on my wrestling team. I liked him last season too but tried to avoid liking him more because not only am I not good with flirting but...

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I have come to a conclusion that most girls go for the bad boy types, that if you are really interested in a girl, best thing to do is not tell her, or if you do, and she says no, don't keep asking! I believe girls go for the confidence in guys, and bad boys have this. They no how to flirt with...

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I'm real shy and nervous around boys , I can't help it :(. Is that a bad thing?

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What is it about women who like "bad boys".. I mean I am told just recently that I was too good for this person she didn't deserve me because I was a great guy.. HUH?. I asked her, if I was a "bad boy" would that make a difference? No answer was replied.. anyone especially women have any ideas on...

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