Okay this is a real mess for me. I may have 0% scope in this but still need to know. I have craze of being a part of a band, a band that's into Rock, Metal, Nu Metal etc. Now the issue is that I need some time for practice and getting rid of my stage fear. Also I live in a country where such genre of music is not much into being. So 1stly I need to get out of here. Also I don't get how I shall join one being a girl myself. I don't even want to join a complete girl band. Becomes too girly - not my type. Urrgh. The sad part I don't think there aren't any bands consisting of girls that's into Rock & Metal genre, actually it's not considered out type. I wish I wasn't a girl. Well, I will be able to get training for my vocals but what after that ? How do I start and where do I start ? Or should I forget it all. It's going to be so hard letting this go since I'm wanting to do such stuff since 8th grade but got no time since I'v always been in bounded by school hostels then same has been with college life. Now when I'm planning to take a year or 2 off I'm not able to figure out any damn thing. People I need some suggestion and guidance.