I am throwing a going-away party for my parents next weekend. They are moving from the town I grew up in, and from the house they have lived in for 26 years.

I got roped into being hostess at the last minute, which isn't MUCH of a problem, just a little bit of a headache!

My question is this: The most expensive part of any party (at least with my family) is supplying beer and liquor. I refuse to do this--I don't feel that people should be coming only to drink liquor at my expense. This is causing an uproar in my family, who all feel that if I am hosting, SOME form of alcohol should be supplied (see why I got roped into hosting? No one wants to pay!). Is there any tactful way to word that beer and alcohol are welcome... IF you bring it yourself? If I were sending paper invites, I would include "BYOB" on the invite, but because it got left to the last minute, I will be calling most people.

Any suggestions on how I can word this so that there won't be additional drama about it?