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    How to harness current from piezoelectric plates to charge a phone?
    Hello! We're in 8th grade and our doing a project. Our goal is to put piezoelectric plates inside a pillow and harvest the energy from the pressure of the head on the plate during the night and use it to charge a phone. However, from this point we are a little confused. We've been doing a lot of research but there's not a ton of information we've found so far and it's been conflicting. We know it would be best to experiment, but we don't want to buy unnecessary materials as we have a tight budget. So far we are think that the piezoelectric plates have wires-can't think of the technical name-that lead to a portable outlet that charges the phone. But how many amps and volts would we need? We found the number of volts necessary (we think), but not the amps. Also, we saw in some of our research about capacitors and direct vs. inverse current? Where would we get a capacitor and do we need one? How do you change a current? We have a lot of questions... any advice someone with expertise in the subject could give us on what materials we need, where to get the materials, how to build it, and the science behind it would be terrific! We are sort of new to this, so please explain any terminology:) Thanks!

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