I am also new to this site. My 28 yr. old son hates me, and I mean really hates me.
As a boy I gave him all I could within my budget. He was going to a Christian school which was expensive but I wanted the best for him. This is a very long and sad story so bare with me.
Well when I got married his father abandoned us both, I was two months pregnant. His father left and never took care of him, never called and divorced me. On the divorce papers he put that there were no children involved in the marriage. Two years later I met a man that wanted to marry me, well I thought to myself that maybe he could play the father figure, but that man started of being good to my boy but around the age of 5 he started verbelly abbusing my son and me. He used to force me to have sexual relations in a brutally manner, but at that time my dad started getting very sick, with parkins and altzheiemers so I stayed with this man cause I didn't drive and I needed to get my dad to a doctor. Years passed by, my son stated growing listening to this man screaming and yelling and cursing to both of us.
Ill never forget the day that my son told me just like... I HATE YOU SO MUCH THAT THERE'S NOT A DAY THAT GOES BY THAT I Don't THINK OF YOU DYING. YOU , YOU ARE A USELESS PICE OF CRAP, A WASTE OD SPACE. He turned 28 years old on April 3 2012 and my son hates me more day by day. I have not seen him in over three years.
My father passed away and 3 and a half years ago my mother died. I am now all alone. Just my pets to call family.
And I just keep calling prayer lines to ask for prayers to get my son back in my life. I don't want him to live with me cause he's now a man and to tell you the truth I'm scared of him.
My life is completely destroyed, I feel useless like he use to tell me. Im very sick now. I livein a very small studio that is in bad condition. I have called everywhere asking for afforadable housing but they won't help me.
Can someone advise me please?
Im very ill I feel very weak and with no family or friends that are willing to give me a helping hand.
If I have called help lines? Churches? Yes! I have called everywhere, and no one helps me. Please advise me and pray for me that my son realizes how much I love him.
Thank you so much and blessings to you all.